Reports to: Finance Manager/Financial Controller.

Main objectives: Assist in the efficient management of the department by implementing existing accounting procedures and practices.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Assist in the planning, installation or reorganisation of budget policies and accounting systems.
  • Develop, forecast and check budgets.
  • Prepare and certify financial statements for presentation to Boards of Directors, management, etc.
  • Conduct financial investigations, for example on taxation matters, and prepare records on them.
  • Implement accounting procedures to the standards required by the organisation in accordance with accepted accounting practice.
  • Report any constraints or difficulties in implementing the accounting policies or procedures to the Department Manager.
  • Undertake other accounting duties as directed by the Department Manager.

Typical qualifications and experience: Recent admission to the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants. i.e. up to one year as an ACA or CA.