Reports to: General Manager in a small organisation or to the Manager of designated Accounting Department, Chief Accountant or Supervising Accountant

Main objectives: Ensure the timely and accurate preparation of accounts, reports, administration of creditors/debtors and the payroll system.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Verify accuracy of documents and records relating to payments, receipts and other financial transactions.
  • Make and checking entries in ledgers, totalling at regular intervals.
  • Compile reports showing receipts, payments, balances of accounts owing to or by the undertaking and other financial information.
  • Prepare final annual financial statements and accounts.
  • Produce accounts to profit/loss and balance sheet.

Typical qualifications and experience: Four to five years secondary education with at least two years accounting experience possibly still studying towards or, more probably, no longer studying towards professional qualification. Covers those qualified by experience.