Reports to: Chief Financial Officer or Human Resources Manager

Supervises: Payroll Clerks and other Payroll Department Clerks

Main objectives: To prepare an accurate payroll for all wages and salaried staff each pay period and arrange timely and secure distribution of pay to staff.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Ensure that employee salary records are correct and up-to-date.
  • Interpret and apply contractual conditions and legal requirements eg. the Holidays Act, in relation to pay rates, allowances, penalty rates and disability allowances.
  • Adjust payroll input as required according to time records, annual and other leave and statutory/voluntary deductions.
  • Allocate payroll expenses to appropriate accounts for costing purposes.
  • Process Workers’ accident insurance claims and maintain appropriate records.
  • Arrange disbursement of deductions, eg. tax and superannuation to the appropriate bodies.
  • Carry out any reconciliation/accounting procedures connected with the pay function.
  • Provide information and advice on pay and related matters to managers and to staff seeking personal information.
  • Research discrepancies of payroll information and/or documentation (e.g. time sheets, leave time, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring accuracy and adherence to procedures prior to processing.

Typical qualifications and experience: Detailed knowledge of manual and computerised pay systems and associated accounting procedures. Extensive experience in the payroll or accounting field.