Reports to: General Manager

Supervises: Department Managers/Buyers/Supervisors

Main objectives: Plan and organise a supermarket, directing staff in the buying and selling of goods.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Organise and control the work of managing and supervising staff. Control selection, training and supervision of staff.
  • Analyse market information concerning current and future changes in supply and demand for goods.
  • Determine product mix, stock levels and service standards.
  • Make purchasing, advertising, sales and credit policy decisions and devises sales promotion methods.
  • Develop and implement pricing policies to ensure profitability of store operations.
  • May interview commercial travellers, visit showrooms and undertake buying missions.
  • May manage a branch of a multiple undertaking.
  • Responsible to control office for finance and reporting.

Typical qualifications and experience: Five to ten years experience in sales and retailing.