Reports to: Store Manager/Department Supervisor

Supervises: Checkout Operators

Main objectives: Supervise checkout operators and handle customers’ complaints.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Determine work requirements and allocates duties to checkout operators.
  • Ensure operators are kept informed of new products, price changes, discount and/or coupon arrangements.
  • Ensure checkout areas are kept in a clean and tidy state at all times, and checkouts are adequately manned to handle the number of customers.
  • Remove any excess cash etc from cash registers in accordance with company policy.
  • Deal with customer complaints regarding overcharges, incorrect ticket pricing or wrong variety of product etc.
  • Examine returned goods and deciding on appropriate action.
  • Attend to any problems regarding the failure of equipment at the checkout area.
  • At the end of the trading day ensure checkouts are secured correctly and that all cash is secured in accordance with company policy.
  • May perform the tasks of a checkout operator.

Typical qualifications and experience: Three to five years in the industry.