Supervises: Charge Nurses/Team Leaders

Main objectives: A senior employee who plans, controls and supervises nursing services in hospitals and contributes to the planning, policy making and evaluating of nursing requirement.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Develop, implement and monitor policies and objectives of nursing care as they apply to units, staff and community groups.
  • Coordinate the allocation of human and material resources for a health service unit such as recruitment of staff, human resource management, preparation of budgets and fiscal management.
  • Monitor and control the performance of nursing and support staff within the unit, and provide leadership.
  • Initiate studies to evaluate the effectiveness of nursing services in the unit in relation to objectives, costs and nursing care.
  • Identify plans, facilitate and evaluate the on-going learning and development of nurses to develop and enhance clinical competencies.
  • Promote working relationships with community agencies and health and education providers.
  • Contribute to organisational objectives in relation to quality, safety and risk management.

Typical qualifications and experience: Three to four year university degree, diploma or hospital-based certificate. Hold a current Nursing Council of New Zealand practicing certificate. At least three years experience.