Reports to: Principal Nurse/Nurse Manager

Supervises: Nursing staff

Main objectives: Supervision of nurses in a ward, department or theatre.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Implement all policies and directives that may be issued by the Principal Nurse/Nurse Manager.
  • Coordinate the treatment process for patients in conjunction with the appropriate multi-disciplinary clinical team.
  • Facilitate and monitor the quality of admission, treatment and discharge processes to improve the care and outcomes for patients and care givers.
  • Allocate work to, and supervise nursing staff.
  • Monitor the control and use of supplies, equipment and services within a ward, department or theatre.
  • Facilitate the development and maintenance of professional standards and competency of nursing staff.
  • Lead, prioritise and co-ordinate during an emergency.

Typical qualifications and experience: A nurse who is registered in New Zealand as general nurse, general and obstetric nurse, psychopaedic nurse, psychiatric nurse, or in relation to maternity ward or midwife, and holds a current Practising Certificate. Two years experience as a registered nurse.