Reports to: Information Systems Manager/General Manager

Main objectives: Research the systems and procedures an organisation uses, and decide if and how computer applications could be used to improve business efficiency and productivity.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Research and data collection from within the organisation.
  • Prepare structured analysis of business procedures, processes and systems to provide improvement recommendations.
  • Write functional requirements for computer systems using models and diagrams to represent the processes and functions involved.
  • Design or adapt a data-processing system using the diagrams.
  • Elicits and documents business requirements, working in partnership with technical teams/developers to ensure that project outcomes are consistent with business requirements.
  • Oversee the system’s development, including design, choice of computers (hardware) and computer programs (software).
  • Assist in testing the new system and making sure it meets the users’ needs.

Typical qualifications and experience: A tertiary qualification in computing, information science or business computing. Or relevant certification in areas such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).