Reports to: Principal Environmental Health Officer

Main objectives: To ensure Council’s health responsibilities as laid down under the Health Act, Local Government Act, Clean Air Act, Noise Control Act and other relevant enactments are properly discharged.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Inspect all premises subject to registration or licensing to ensure they confirm to requirements of relevant Acts, regulations and by-laws.
  • Maintain accurate records and compile reports as required by relevant legislation and to meet Council requirements.
  • Receive and process applications for the issuing of licences and permits and handle any related correspondence.
  • Liaise with planning and other inspectorate staff as appropriate.
  • Investigate and report on cases of notifiable infectious diseases and ensure that appropriate action is taken to prevent the spread of such diseases in the community.
  • Initiate and co-ordinate programmes to educate the community on health issues and the steps that need to be taken to comply with relevant Acts; regulations and by-laws.
  • Take legal action against serious breaches of environment-related laws and regulation.
  • Work on policy development at regional and local levels.
  • May perform plumbing and drainage inspection duties.

Typical qualifications and experience: Bachelor of Applied Science (majoring in environmental health or health protection), or a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Health. Will have had at least five years experience.