Reports to: Human Resource Manager

Possible titles:Human Resource Consultant

Supervises: May supervise Human Resource staff

Main objectives: Implement human resource policies to ensure maximum contribution to the achievement of company/organisation objectives. Perform functions related to employee recruitment, training promotion, compensation and relations with management.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Arrange for advertising of job vacancies, interviewing and testing of applicants, and selection of staff.
  • Analyse and prepare job descriptions.
  • Arrange the induction of staff and provide information on conditions of service, salaries and promotional opportunities.
  • Coordinate staff training.
  • Undertake negotiations on terms and conditions of employment, and examine and resolve disputes and grievances.
  • Provide advice and information to management on workplace relations policies and procedures, staff performance and disciplinary matters.
  • May participate in discussions with management/employee representatives to resolve conflict or initiate change.
  • Assist in planning and organisation or services facilities for employees.
  • Maintain human resource records and associated human resource information systems.

Typical qualifications and experience: Relevant degree or diploma. More than five years experience.