Reports to: Human Resource Manager

Possible titles:Human Resource Consultant

Supervises: May supervise Human Resource staff

Main objectives: Provide staffing and human resources administration services in support of an organisation’s human resource policies and programmes. Perform functions related to employee recruitment, training promotion, compensation and relations with management.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Ascertain staffing requirements and arrange transfers or advertise vacancies.
  • Analyse and prepare job descriptions.
  • Help interview and select staff.
  • Advise on pay levels and consult with management, staff and unions about pay and conditions.
  • Plan and organise staff training.
  • May counsel employees and discuss their individual grievances, problems and difficulties.
  • Give advice on employment legislation and help compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Maintain human resource records and associated human resource information systems.
  • Be involved in the organisation’s performance management system.

Typical qualifications and experience: Relevant degree or diploma. Up to five years of experience.