Reports to: General Manager or other Senior Executive.

Supervises: Caretaker, Custodian, Handyperson, Contractors and Maintenance Staff.

Main objectives: To ensure that the organisation’s properties are maintained and/or upgraded, acquired or disposed of, and occupied as required.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Plan property maintenance and ensure that contracts are arranged for maintaining properties.
  • Advertise properties and show properties to prospective tenants.
  • Negotiate or ensure negotiation of leases and maintain tenancy records.
  • Make recommendations re upgrading, maintenance, replacement and disposal of buildings/properties.
  • Ensure insurance coverage is arranged for properties.
  • Investigate and resolve any complaints by tenants.
  • Write reports and prepare statements of payment for property owners.

Typical qualifications and experience: At least five years in the construction industry, real estate or as a valuer. Planning, organisational decision-making and communication skills.

Typically a position in a large organisation. In smaller organisations the function would be carried out by the manager responsible for administration with the assistance of either a caretaker or contractors.