Reports to: General Manager/Manufacturing Manager

Supervises: Factory staff

Main objectives: Organise and control the production activities of a plant or establishment with no more than 30 employees ensuring efficient use of equipment, materials and personnel. Participate in formulating the production policy of the undertaking.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Plan production policy in consultation with the Chief Executive or General Manager, based on production requirements, plant capacity, financial limits, personnel available and other relevant factors.
  • Set production goals, timetables and budgets, and ensure these goals are met.
  • Help maintain, test and improve equipment, and make decisions on when to repair or replace equipment.
  • Control, through subordinates, the organisation of work and coordination of the activities of the Production Department.
  • Devise inspection procedures and report production results to the Chief Executive or General Manager as required.
  • Recommend and implement initiates such as new techniques and products, purchase of new machinery and staff levels.
  • Monitor the efficiency of staff procedures and production costs.
  • Assist with professional development and training of production staff.
  • Oversee safety standards in the factory.

Typical qualifications and experience: Five to ten years working in a related industry.