Reports to: Factory/Manufacturing/Production Manager or Senior Engineer

Main objectives: Conduct engineering/electrical assignments within clearly defined parameters and/or standards, under general direction which may involve research, product development, maintenance or construction.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Estimate labour requirements and time schedules for maintenance work.
  • Decide on suitable materials and working methods.
  • Supervise staff carrying out repairs and work to planned maintenance schedules.
  • Check daily work reports and ensure that failures, repairs, replacements and ancillary maintenance data are recorded.
  • Investigate new maintenance methods and systems and participate in the installation or improvement of power, heat and other services associated with existing plant or the commissioning of new equipment or plant.
  • Plan maintenance schedules, load requirements and work programmes to ensure regular maintenance of plant equipment and structures.

Typical qualifications and experience: Three to four year University Degree in engineering or recognised equivalent qualification and/or registration with at least two years experience.