Reports to: Production Foreperson/Leading Hand

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Skilled work requiring considerable training and experience.
  • Read and interprets gauges, fills out basic reports, and may train other workers, e.g. Production welder; Machine setter; Operator in charge of a complex process
  • Set up, start, operate, control and stop machines and plant.
  • May carry out minor repairs and corrections to machinery and equipment.
  • Ensure a consistent quality throughout the production process.
  • Make sure the finished product meets the company’s or client’s specifications.
  • Ensure safety requirements are met.

Examples: Certificated welder; furnace operator (metallic); metal extruder; concrete worker; machine operator; hot dip plater; woodworking machinist; joiner’s benchhand; aluminium joiner; cheesemaker; brewery worker.

Typical qualifications and experience: At least six months on job before competent, could take up to one year before really proficient.