Reports to: Rest Home Proprietor/Governing Body

Supervises: Nursing staff, Home Assistants, Domestic workers, Cook and Kitchenhands

Main objectives: Plans and organises the operation of a rest home, providing services of care for aged people.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Plan, direct and control the organisation, administration and operation of the rest home in consultation with Rest Home Proprietor/Governing Body.
  • Develop and monitor appropriate quality assurance programmes.
  • Liaise with health professionals to help develop and manage the care plans of residents.
  • May recruit and train staff. Establish and maintain staff performance levels and standards of care.
  • Ensure standards of hygiene and safety are maintained in accordance with regulations.
  • Plan, budget and authorise expenditure. Keep appropriate records.
  • Ensure the development of a timetable of events in the rest home that meets the recreation needs of the residents.
  • May coordinate nursing care and medical services for residents.
  • Promote the rest home through advertising and sponsorship.
  • Liaise with Government agencies e.g. Crown Regional Health Authority, Local CHE. etc. Keep informed about legislative requirements.

Typical qualifications and experience: Management and organisational skills, with experience in the health industry. Is likely to be a Registered Nurse Authority (CRHA), Ministry, Local Crown Health Enterprise (CHE).