Reports to: Registered Nurse/Rest Home Manager

Main objectives: To plan and conduct activities which contribute to the physical and emotional well-being of an individual and assist people to function to their potential when there has been disruption to development or dysfunction due to disease, trauma, impairment or age.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Assess people’s abilities within their environments.
  • Help people to gain or regain skills for everyday life, work and education.
  • Plan and conduct treatment for individuals and groups using vocational, intellectual, physical and social activities.
  • Assist in restoring or reinforcing function using the process of activity analysis and adaption relevant to the life role of the patient.
  • Adapt equipment or housing to enable patients to be safe and independent.
  • Educate people, their families or work colleagues about a person’s rehabilitation and ensure they have the information they need.
  • Monitor and report on the patient’s progress and gather relevant data.

Typical qualifications and experience: Have a Bachelor of Health Science in Occupational Therapy, be registered with Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand and have an Annual Practising Certificate.