Reports to: Proprietor/Store Owner

Supervises: Sales Assistants and Supervisors

Main objectives: Plan and organise a retail shop outlet. Direct workers engaged in the selling of goods.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Contribute toward store profitability by seeking opportunities to increase sales, manage inventory and cost of goods control and labour costs.
  • Ensure the proper types and amounts of materials, supplies and merchandise are ordered and stocked.
  • Determine daily and weekly staffing requirements, recruit, conduct interviews, make hiring and termination decisions.
  • Organise and control the work of supervisors and staff and may engage and train staff.
  • Analyse market information concerning current and future changes in supply and demand for goods.
  • Give advice on purchasing, advertising, sales and credit policy decisions and devise sales promotion methods.

Typical qualifications and experience: Extensive five to ten years retail experience. May have tertiary qualification or industry based qualification.