Reports to: Branch Manager, Store Owner, Departmental Manager

Main objectives: Sells merchandise in retail or other establishments. Usually requires comprehensive knowledge of goods for sale and a high level of skill in sales techniques.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Sell goods required. Specific technical, scientific or trade knowledge of the goods for sale required. May require fitting, measuring, demonstrating or advising clients or requirements on the basis of client’s existing situation or circumstances.
  • Sell by canvassing from orders or selling from samples away from the retail establishment.
  • Inform customers of quality and characteristics of different goods for sale and advise them on the most appropriate for the client’s circumstances.
  • May determine prices of trade-ins, valuations, or discount purchase arrangements.
  • Ring up goods, and collect payment or arrange credit or laybys.
  • May arrange delivery, installation and purchase of goods.
  • Assist with housekeeping.

Typical qualifications and experience: Three to four years secondary school education with extensive retail experience with the goods for sale. May have industry based or tertiary qualification.