Reports to: Managing Director, General or Division Manager

Supervises: Managers, officers in charge of export, advertising, market research and product development

Main objectives: Senior Marketing Executive in larger companies responsible for new product ideas, the study and evaluation of their potential and practicality. Co-ordinate the initial stages of the development of new products and new business.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Prepare annual and longer term marketing plans for all in field, implement as necessary.
  • Organise and analyse market research and surveys, and generate reports on products, services, consumers and sales.
  • Monitor customer demand, sales, goods produced and/or services delivered.
  • Evaluate ideas and suggestions for new products, investigate market opportunities and effect on market for present products.
  • Consult with sales, service, finance and manufacturing divisions for most effective and profitable marketing of both new and existing products.
  • Identify and implement communication strategies, such as advertising campaigns, to attract customers
  • Select and direct product/brand management personnel and assign them to projects and recommend site for product development work.
  • Analyse customer feedback and monitor customer satisfaction.

Typical qualifications and experience: Qualifications in a marketing, management discipline, supported by extensive marketing and management experience.