Reports to: Sales Manager

Main objectives:To sell specialised products and services such as chemical, medical, computer and mechanical supplies and equipment. Advise customers on the application, installation and operation of specialised equipment, supplies and services.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Call on architects, engineering, medical establishments and other potential customers to explain the merits of a particular product and its application to the customers’ special requirements.
  • Prepare, or arrange preparation of, plans and operational specifications, showing gains from proposed changes of equipment, methods or materials.
  • Plan and modify products to meet customer needs.
  • May negotiate contracts and assist in arranging credit.
  • Supervise, or assist within, installation of new equipment.
  • Investigate difficulties or faults arising from equipment’s use and suggesting appropriate solutions.
  • May train customer in product’s use and maintenance.
  • Help in researching and developing new products.

Typical qualifications and experience:A tertiary or trade qualification, or up to 3 years work in a related industry plus 2 months on the job training.