Reports to:CEO, Managing Director, General or Division Manager

Supervises:Communications/PR Advisors

Main objectives:Responsible for guiding and promoting company image and corporate identity through communication programmes, web sites and advertising.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Design strategies that promote and support the company.
  • Manage production of publications, brochures and annual reports.
  • Manage contact with media and sponsorships.
  • Develop and maintain corporate image, including use of logos, signage, stationery and style guides.
  • Manage advertising campaigns, dealing with advertising companies and production houses.
  • Develop and maintain company internet/intranet web pages.
  • Manage and organise promotional events, functions and press conferences.
  • Manage the communication/PR budget.
  • Research public attitudes and opinions by doing market research.

Typical qualifications and experience:Qualification in a ‘communications’ discipline, supported by extensive experience in public relations and media, and a good knowledge of the company, its business, products, services and target market.