Reports to:Chief Supply and Distribution Executive, Division Manager or Transport Manager

Supervises:Team of specialist officers, clerks and drivers

Main objectives:Develop, provide and maintain an economical and efficient transportation service for the company and its customers, including routing and inbound and outbound shipments where the company bears the cost of transportation.

Typical functions and responsibilities:

  • Recommend new packaging methods or types and designs of shipping containers to promote maximum utilisation of space and lowest possible transportation rate. Acquire new fleet in accordance with transport needs, existing or planned.
  • Coordinate the routing of outgoing and incoming shipments in which the company is involved.
  • Oversee and complete accurate billing to clients based on pricing established with the clients while ensuring accurate costs and profits are maintained.
  • Prepare an annual capital expenditure plan for the transport operation within the company for submission to senior management. Conduct transportation cost studies relating to expansion of existing sales markets, new plant locations and development of new products.
  • Keep informed on current transportation facilities and rates and develop transport strategies/logistics which will assist in minimising costs.
  • Ensure proper documentation, including transport documents and customs clearances. Ensure documentation is accurately processed, distributed and released to carrier, forwarders, customers and agents in a timely manner.

Typical qualifications and experience:A qualification in a supply and distribution discipline or experience in the transport or related industry.