It’s a jungle out there.

  • The National Employers Wage & Salary Survey is designed to help you answer your pay related questions from ‘what should I pay’ to ‘what benefits and conditions do I offer’.
  • The survey reports are refreshed weekly to include new data, and thereby regularly provide the latest, most reliable remuneration reports available.
  • Using market intelligence from across New Zealand, you will be well informed and able to act with confidence


‘Open All Hours’ – you choose when and how frequently you participate. By doing so at least every 12 months ensures you remain in touch with market dynamics for your regular remuneration reviews.

It takes only 10 minutes to submit data for your first position, and even faster thereafter for additional positions.

Once completed, your reports will be emailed the following Monday and will include:

  • Specific, commonly used job descriptions for each position you participate in.
  • Salary Report: positional salary ranges by location, company revenue bandings, and industry sector. Includes both fixed remuneration and total remuneration
  • Benefits & Conditions Report: comprehensive analysis of benefits and conditions applicable to your selected positions.
  • Comparison Report: compares your data against the average national data.


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