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CA01 Office Manager CA09 Sole Charge Clerical Worker
CA02 Office Supervisor CA10 Junior Clerical Worker (Under 18)
CA03 Legal Executive CA11 Junior Clerical Worker (18/U20)
CA04 Executive Assistant/Personal Assistant to CEO CA12 Desktop Publisher
CA05 Secretary/Personal Assistant CA13 Graphic Artist/Graphic Designer
CA06 General/Administrative Clerk CA14 Export Documentation/Shipping Clerk
CA07 Typist/Data Entry CA15 Office Assistant
CA08 Receptionist/Data Entry
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CO01 Construction Manager CO09 Carpenter/Joiner
CO02 Project Manager CO10 Labourer
CO03 Quantity Surveyor/Estimator CO11 Contract Manager
CO04 Draughtsperson CO12 Earthmoving Machinery Driver/Operator
CO05 Civil Engineer (Qualified 5+ yrs) CO13 Roading Engineer
CO06 Civil Engineer (Qualified 2-5 yrs) CO14 Registered Plumber
CO07 Civil Engineer (Recently qualified) CO15 Civil Construction Worker
CO08 Site Foreperson CO16 Driver Heavy Truck or Trailer
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EL01 Electronics Engineer EL06 Electronics Technician
EL02 Software Engineer EL07 Electronics Assembler
EL03 Electrical Technician EL08 Computer Technician (Hardware)
EL04 Domestic Appliance Serviceperson EL09 Automotive Electrician
EL05 Registered Electrician
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EN01 Workshop Manager EN08 Machinist and Toolmaker (Toolmaker)
EN02 Workshop Foreperson EN09 Engineering Draughtsperson
EN03 Leading Hand EN10 Automotive Engineer - Heavy (Motor Mechanic Diesel)
EN04 Heavy Fabrication Engineer (Fitter Welder) EN11 Automotive Engineer (Motor Mechanic Petrol)
EN05 General Engineer (Fitter Turner) EN12 Mechanical/Design Engineer
EN06 Engineers' Mate/Trades Assistant (Fitters Mate) EN13 Service Engineer
EN07 Light Fabrication Engineer (Sheet Metal Worker)
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FA01 Finance Manager (Financial Controller) FA09 Credit Control Clerk
FA02 Accountant (Qualified over 5 years experience) FA10 Senior Accounts Clerk
FA03 Accountant (Qualified 1-5 years experience) FA11 Accounts Clerk
FA04 Accountant (Recently Qualified) FA12 Accounts Receivable
FA05 Accountant (Unqualified) FA13 Accounts Payable
FA06 Assistant Accountant (Trainee) FA14 Payroll Clerk
FA07 Accounting Technician FA15 Payroll Manager
FA08 Credit Manager
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FR01 Supermarket Manager FR08 Butcher (Qualified)
FR02 Store/Shop Manager FR09 Baker (Qualified)
FR03 Grocery Manager FR10 Baker (Unqualified)
FR04 Meat Manager FR11 Grocery Assistant
FR05 Produce Manager FR12 Checkout Supervisor
FR06 Fresh Food Manager FR13 Checkout Operator
FR07 Grocery Buyer FR14 Sales Assistant
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GE01 Head Groundsperson/Greenkeeper GE03 Caretaker/Custodian/Handyperson
GE02 Groundsperson/Greenkeeper GE04 Commercial Cleaner
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HE01 Principal Nurse/Nurse Manager HE10 Nurse Aid/Hospital Aid
HE02 Nurse Advisor HE11 Domestic Worker/Cleaner
HE03 Charge Nurse/Clinical Nurse leader HE12 Cook
HE04 Clinical Nurse Specialist HE13 Kitchenhand
HE05 Staff Nurse/Registered Nurse HE14 Physiotherapist (including Administration Duties)
HE06 Enrolled Nurse HE15 Physiotherapist (New Graduate)
HE07 Practice Manager HE16 Physiotherapist (Experienced)
HE08 Practice Nurse HE17 OH&S Manager/Coordinator
HE09 Registered Nurse Medical & Accident HE18 OH&S Nurse
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HO01 Food & Beverage Manager HO05 Kitchenhand
HO02 Restaurant Manager HO06 Food Waiter
HO03 Chef HO07 Bar Person/Bartender
HO04 Cook
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IS01 Chief Information Officer IS08 Data Entry Operator
IS02 Systems Controller/Administrator IS09 Library Manager
IS03 Analyst/Programmer IS10 Senior Librarian
IS04 Computer Systems Engineer IS11 Qualified Librarian
IS05 Computer Systems Technician IS12 Library Assistant
IS06 IS Administrator/Helpdesk IS13 Business Analyst
IS07 IS Information Officer/Database Administrator
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LA01 Building Inspector LA04 Planner
LA02 Engineering Assistant (Qualified) LA05 Environmental Health Officer
LA03 Foreperson LA06 Animal Control Officer
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MA01 CEO/Managing Director - 200+ Employees MA10 Senior HR Advisor - Over 5 years experience
MA02 CEO/Managing Director - 50-199 Employees MA11 HR Advisor - Up to 5 years experience
MA03 CEO/Managing Director MA12 Trainer
MA04 General Manager - 200+ Employees MA13 Company Secretary
MA05 General Manager - 50-199 Employees MA14 Engineering Manager
MA06 General Manager MA15 Research & Development/Technical/Laboratory Manager
MA07 Area/Regional Manager MA16 Quality Assurance Manager
MA08 Branch Manager MA17 Shipping Manager (Export)
MA09 Human Resources Manager MA18 Property/Building Manager
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MP01 Production Manager MP08 Laboratory Technician
MP02 Factory Manager (Small Organisation) MP09 Production Worker - Highly skilled
MP03 Maintenance Engineer (Electrical or Mechanical) MP10 Production Worker - Skilled
MP04 Production Planner MP11 Production Worker - Semi-skilled
MP05 Production Supervisor MP12 Production Worker - Unskilled
MP06 Production Foreperson MP13 Industrial Cleaner
MP07 Quality Control Officer MP14 Maintenance Fitter
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RC01 Rest Home Manager RC07 Cook
RC02 Assistant Rest Home Manager RC08 Kitchenhand
RC03 Registered Nurse RC09 Social Worker
RC04 Enrolled Nurse RC10 Occupational Therapist (Registered)
RC05 Home Assistant RC11 Diversional Therapist
RC06 Rest Home Domestic RC12 Care Giver (Community)
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RE01 Shop Manager (Single Outlet) RE05 Salesperson - Skilled
RE02 Retail Branch Manager RE06 Salesperson - Semi-skilled
RE03 Department Manager RE07 Salesperson - Unskilled
RE04 Retail Worker - in-charge RE08 Junior Salesperson/Shop Asst. (U/20)
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SA01 Marketing Manager SA10 Call Centre/Customer Services Representative
SA02 Sales Manager (National) SA11 Call Centre/Telephone Salesperson/Telemarketer
SA03 Regional Sales Manager (within NZ) SA12 Merchandiser
SA04 Product/Brand Manager SA13 Marketing Assistant
SA05 Service Manager SA14 Communications/PR Manager
SA06 Senior Sales Representative/Sales Executive SA15 Communications/PR Advisor
SA07 Sales Representative/Commercial Traveller SA16 National Fundraising Manager
SA08 Tech Sales Representative/Sales Engineer SA17 Fundraiser
SA09 Call Centre/Customer Services Manager/Supervisor
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SD01 Supply/Distribution/Logistics/Warehouse Manager SD06 Junior Warehouse/Store Person (Under 20)
SD02 Warehouse/Operations Supervisor SD07 Fork-lift Operator
SD03 Warehouse/Store Person - Skilled SD08 Purchasing Manager
SD04 Warehouse/Store Person - Semi-skilled SD09 Purchasing Officer
SD05 Warehouse/Store Person - Unskilled
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TP01 Transport Manager TP05 Driver - General Road Transport
TP02 Transport Supervisor TP06 Driver - Passenger Bus (Urban)
TP03 Driver - Ancillary TP07 Fleet Services Manager
TP04 Driver - Urban Goods & Services TP08 Transport Dispatcher
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